Our Dynamic Climate

Climate change is, perhaps, the most pressing Earth Science topic of this century. Increasing the distribution of information about climate change and what it means for both ecosystems and human cultures around the world is a paramount goal over the next 10 years. In celebration of the Museum’s 10th Anniversary, we are seeking funds to update our exhibits to better accomplish this objective. These exhibits will include a new:

Glaciers Exhibit, that paints the story of how glaciers carved the local landscape and how modern glaciers are monitors of climate change. To communicate these themes, we installed a new exhibit component that transforms a hallway and the space just before it into an immersive, walkthrough glacier. This new exhibit, with multisensory, interactive, universally designed elements, will be especially exciting for children. Young visitors will be able to crawl through an ice tunnel just their size, to touch a section of real ice to experience what a glacier feels like, and more. This exhibit was opened to public on May 11, 2013, but needs your support to add two important immersive elements—the sounds of cracking ice and the feel of cold air—for visitors to feel as if they are inside a glacier!

We also opened a Coral Reefs Exhibit at the same time as our new Glaciers Exhibit. Like the world's glaciers that are melting at alarming rates, coral reefs are highly sensitive to temperature and water chemistry and are therefore also responding to human-induced climate change. This exhibit features two impressive 350-gallon aquariums and will explore the colorful world of Caribbean and Indo-Pacific reefs, the effects of climate change on these habitats, and the ways human actions can make a difference. Visitors will be amazed by the diverse life found in reefs, including not just corals, but also fish, snails, anemones, and more. Help us raise the remaining funds needed to educate museum visitors on climate changes effect on coral reefs!

Finally, we will start construction of a new Human Impact Exhibit soon. This exhibit space, currently titled “Climate & Energy,” was added after the Museum opened and has never achieved its full potential as a positive, visitor-centric space that helps visitors internalize the message that their actions matter to the future of life on our planet. Renovation includes rebuilding the wall against the Museum mechanical room to remove the glass windows and creating a more dimensional space that visitors will move around in, rather than just walk past. Hands-on, engaging interactives will build awareness of how small daily choices impact climate on a global scale.

For more information or for a copy of the complete Our Dynamic Climate case statement, please contact us at 607.273.6623 x15 office, or through email at development@museumoftheearth.org.

Would you like to help PRI provide climate change education to over 350,000 Museum visitors in the next 10 years?