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Bulletins of American Paleontology (ISSN 0007-5779), one of the oldest peer-reviewed paleontological journals in the world, features high quality monographs in paleontology or in neontological subjects that impact paleontology (see Information for Authors). This serial publication is issued twice each year, and is a recognized outlet for especially lengthy papers, such as dissertations or the systematic sections of dissertations, that tend to be more difficult to publish in conventional journals. BAP is distributed widely to academic libraries and museums worldwide.

Since 1986, BAP has been the home of the series “Neogene Paleontology of the Northern Dominican Republic.” Originally funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the DR Project was one of the first large multidisciplinary projects to collect fossils through a continuous 5-10 million year Neogene Caribbean sequence. During three field seasons in 1978-1980, a small field party (led by John Saunders and Peter Jung of the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, NMB) measured sections and collected large samples of microfossils and macrofossils at closely spaced intervals along nine river sections in the Cibao Valley. Age dates for the sections were determined through study of planktic foraminifera and nannofossils. The collections were accessioned by the NMB, and distributed to specialists for identification and preparation of systematic monographs. To date, 20 systematic monographs have been published in the Bulletins of American Paleontology. For more details, see NMITA (Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America).

BAP is available by single-issue purchase or subscription to institutions or individuals. Forthcoming titles are posted on this website, in the “back issues” list. Most issues published between 1940 and 2002 (nos. 96-371) are now also available as open access documents in the Biodiversity Heritage Library. BAP nos. 1-95 are available from Periodicals Service Company.

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From Systematics of the gastropods of the Lower-Middle Miocene Cantaure Formation, Paraguaná Peninsula, Venezuela by Landau, da Silva and Heitz (BAP no. 389-390).

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Year   Title Authors Pub No.
1954 A bibliography of the Conularida Sinclair, G.W.; E.S. Richardson Jr. BAP 145
1897 A Bibliography of the Geological, Mineralogical and Paleontological Literature of the State of Virginia Watson, Thomas L. BAP 7
1902 A Comparison of the Oligocene of Western Europe and the Southern United States Maury, Carlotta Joaquina BAP 15
2002 Publication image A compendium of fossil marine genera Sepkoski Jr., J. J. BAP 363
1939 A Devonian Fauna from Colombia Caster, Kenneth E.; Axel A. Olsson BAP 83
1928 A Foraminiferal Fauna from the Chapapote Formation in Mexico Cole, W. Storrs BAP 53
1927 A Foraminiferal Fauna From the Guayabal Formation in Mexico Cole, W. Storrs BAP 51
1925 A Further Contribution to the Paleontology of Trinidad Maury, Carlotta Joaquina BAP 42
1939 A Group of Pennsylvanian Crinoids from the Vicinity of Bartlesville, Oklahoma Strimple, Harrell L. BAP 87
2004 A Late Cambrian (Sunwaptan) silicified trilobite fauna from Nevada Adrain, J.M.; S.R. Westrop BAP 365