History of Life course

Become a volunteer and learn all about the History of Life!

Our History of Life lecture series for volunteers and other interested community members is completed for the Fall. Please check back for our Spring schedule or contact us for more information. Thank you.

Fall 2013:

Monday, October 7 | Volunteer Open House, followed by the first presentation, Perspective on Life

Discover nearly 4 billion years of life, from its origin to the diversification of animals.

Please Note: This first event will run 5:00-7:00pm with Perspective on Life starting at 5:30pm.

Monday, October 14 | Ancient Seas Over New York State

Learn about the marine critters that lived in your backyard — 380 million years ago!

Monday, October 21 | Taking Control of the Land

Gain knowledge on the first 200 million years of forests and their animal dwellers.

Monday, November 4 | Rule of the Reptiles

Learn about the emergence and domination of reptiles on land, sea, and air!

Monday, November 11 | Arms Race in the Sea

Study the spectacular life that lives in our modern oceans.

Monday, November 18 | Mammals Rule! A World of Change

Delve into the past, present, and future of mammalian dominance of Earth.